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Bonnie Tyler In Concert: London Palladium

September 25, 2019

(18th September 2019)

One of those artistes who has been around “forever” yet you never quite get around to seeing her “live.” Remedied, and worth the effort.

“Cats In Space” were the support group, their unique feature being Arthur Askey’s grandson on keyboards – standing on the stage where his grandfather was always welcomed by full houses and the approbation of the public. A sort of “Status Quo” without mega-stardom, they clearly play for the love of doing so – and “Mr Heartache” and “September Rain” are pretty decent rock numbers. The enchanted Palladium stage kicked in, and magnified their efforts into a show.

9pm, and the Welsh Lady of Rock strolls onto the stage where she stood first in 1976. Plenty of family and friends in the audience (one absent friend missing getting “Happy Birthday” sung to her – something she will kick herself for not hearing live) and Ms Tyler reminds us throughout the evening of their presence.

Using pretty much the same song-list as a recent appearance in Finland (according to it was a slightly too heavy mix of recent latest album with the favourites we had really come to hear. In fact, it became noticeable just how wide the gulf was in audience reaction between them. Seated for the new stuff, rapturous on-your-feet crowd for the favourites.

Visible relaxation came once “Total Eclipse of the Heart” ticked the “see Bonnie Tyler sing this one live” off the monkey bucket-list. The Palladium rocked as it seldom does, the lyric and powerful performance with it crashing down on the stage from the back of the upper circle.

Before that, “It’s A Heartache” was an assurance we’d at least get some classic material among the newer stuff. A pretty good cover of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” pleased Creedence Clearwater Revival fans, while “Flat On The Floor” is a lively number to open on.

Of the newer stuff, “Bad for Loving You” and title track “Between the Earth and the Stars” are an encouragement to buy the album, with “Move” and “Slow Walk” songs that will no doubt be memorable in her repertoire in the future.

The second half of the concert really upped the game, with well-chosen “The Best” (yes, Tyler flopped with the original some two years before Tina Turner got the hit with it) re-energising the crowd for “Holding Out For A Hero” delivered as only Bonnie Tyler can.

Finishing on the new, reflective “Older” we all remembered that stars celebrating some 50 years in the business will go on for so long as the can, but taking the opportunity to see them while still in their prime is something all fans must do.

Bonnie Tyler cares for all her fans, delivering a show and also thanking everybody off-stage (husband included) in the manner of a true star. A very satisfying evening.

4 stars.

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