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Things People Assume About Theatregoers

November 30, 2016

I do still get the odd, “how did you get interested in theatre, when nobody in your family is connected with it, and you come from such an ordinary background” comment. Answer: my parents did love going to see live shows, and were wise enough to take me when I was very young.

Still, it did get me making a very simple list of things theatregoers seem to be thought of as being… yet I can’t relate to any of them…

Posh. Me? Blackpool chips over Beluga Caviar any day.

Grey haired. Well, half guilty, but its stress, and I’ve not dyed it blue… yet.

Alcoholic. All those “free glass of Prosecco with your ticket” offers. I for one am tee-total, and actually get angry when I get those offers. Add a soft drink alternative, please.

Clever. Well, I do have the certificates, but to understand even the most complex play you need only see a great production and listen.

Rich. In name only, and of course I know which seats to buy and where to get them cheap. If I can’t, well, the odd pricey one I think evens it out, but even I drew the line at £85 for “The Rocky Horror Show,” last year – Richard as narrator or not.

Stupid. If I pay for a premium seat without good reason, I may just let you have that one (see above).

Middle-class. If reading the “Daily Mail” (mostly for Fred Bassett, Baz Bamigboye and Richard Littlejohn) is, then fine. I’d say working class product of a comprehensive school is nearer the mark.

Obsessive. Guilty as charged. Well, one of out 7 isn’t bad, is it?!

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