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Paul Daniels

March 17, 2016

For me, the magic has gone out of my life this morning.

I became a fan when I was only about 7, and his office was kind enough to send a long reply to a letter we wrote to him asking him questions for our school’s newspaper. they didn’t have to, he was a huge star then, but they did, and I still have the signed photograph they sent with it, too.

I saw all of his West End theatre runs – 3 at the Prince of Wales theatre (he broke records which stand to this day, there) and 1 at the Savoy, which promptly burned down after he left. In fact, I have posters from two of the shows,  signed by him and Mrs Daniels, that they found only a couple of years ago and put on E Bay. Then, I thought they’d just be a nice memory, now, they are precious reminders.

I was lucky enough to meet him twice, and interact with him online. As recently as 2014, he cheekily (and very rightly) suggested he could have done a better job than an actor I criticised on this blog for playing a magician very badly. Always a charming, polite, and very direct man, he made time for people – because, quite simply he loved an audience and we loved him.

For those who don’t know, “Phantom of the Opera” will remain his signature in London and around the world, with his illusions still delighting fans of that show today.

My heart goes out to Debbie, Martin, Paul Junior and their families. Again, lovely people whom I have spoken to several times. What a family should be, close and sharing a common bond of fun, laughter and sheer joy of living with all around them.

I loved him, such a lot, I loved him.

Sleep well, Mr Daniels, sleep well.

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