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Cracking the “Day Seat Line Decorum” problem.

July 30, 2014



As the picture above shows, I think I may have cracked it at last!

Imagine this sign done properly, hanging just under the theatre canopy.

And with a CCTV camera angled to capture the lucky 10 in order of arrival.

As the sign says – the footage will be checked to prove the order of arrival… and serves the duel purpose of confirming identity when tickets are issued just before the show (as most are, to prevent them being sold on during the day).

A big advert for the show that “day seats” are available, no way for anyone to “hold places” for anyone else, nor “queue-jump” – can’t even “sell on” your place as the whole thing is on video…

…and linked to an online webcam, it’d be easy to see if it’s even worth turning up that early to begin with.

Nothing to add this time, as a picture paints a thousand words for a change, I think!

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