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When famous people die

April 9, 2014

“What do say, about a girl. A 25 year old girl who died?” is the haunting opening of the musical “Love Story.” On Monday evening I got home from the theatre and heard the shocking news that a 25 year old girl, a mother of two tiny children, had indeed died.

I was already a little sad at the loss of the wonderful Mickey Rooney, and to hear of Peaches Geldof just made me think.

Now, I’d never met either of them, and only knew of Ms Geldof as a character in the tabloid newspapers, and Mr Rooney from his work on screen (why didn’t I see him when he was on in “Sugar Babies” in London? Why?). Yet the news made me stop.

It isn’t even that I’m “star obsessed.” I’ve met the odd one or two famous names, known some slightly less famous ones personally over the years… and they really are ordinary people in extraordinary situations brought about by the recognition of a unique talent and a drive few of us possess.

My belief has always been that every single human contains the same quantity of every single emotion a human can feel. Joy to despair, hope to sadness, hate to, of course, love. The only difference is that some lives share their emotions over a period of many years, while others share it all in a few weeks, days, sadly even minutes or seconds. But the fact remains, that portion of emotions has been shared forever, and becomes part of all it touches.

When a widely-known name passes, despite not knowing the person directly, I guess it is the work that they have done – stage, film, TV, writing, that has spread their emotions out to us, and that is why we feel them.

All I can say, of course, is to express condolences to the families of both, and hope that the departed have found peace.

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