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Sport v theatre fans

March 19, 2014

An old “Smith and Jones” (I think) comedy sketch had a wildly cheering, scarf-wearing “Sadlers Wells”  crowd chanting slogans at the opposition “Royal Opera House” lot over the aisle. That made me wonder about what theatre and sports fans may just have in common:

1) Loyalty to a person. Player on field or stage. They all have fans who travel miles to see them and are upset when the idol doesn’t appear.

2) Tickets cost a fortune in the top flight. Big West End hit or Premiere league game, both the thick end of £70 or more.

3) Obnoxious behaviour by a minority spoil it for everybody else. Yep, the drunken yahoo exists in both the stalls and grandstand. Annoyingly, only the grandstand is covered by the type of CCTV that can pick it up, though.

4) You can watch it on screen. Yep, both theatre and football get broadcast. Only difference is that if “King Lear” over-runs, they won’t move “Coronation Street”…

5) You have to wait for folk to die to pick up a prime ticket. Particularly in the membership heavy theatres like the Donmar, whose “priority membership” lists are closed until somebody leaves. Same goes for a number of cricket and football clubs, I’m told.

6) Watching the same old stuff, time after time. Well, there’s only so many stories and ways it can be done, just as there is only one way of putting a ball into a net. It’s the exciting variations that we live for.

7) The managers talk a load of rubbish. Well, they do. Entertaining rubbish, but it still isn’t them facing the crowd every night – though to be fair, they all do take the blame when it goes pear-shaped.

8) Everybody wants to demolish the old venue and move to a cheap one so they can put housing on the original. Stadium or auditorium, same thing.

9) Andrew Lloyd Webber writes for both. Two World Cup and an Olympic theme, I think. You can’t escape him.

10) The genders will never agree. Sure, there are men who like musicals, just as there are women who live for football – but they are always held up as the exception to the rule.

So maybe sports fans and theatre goers have more in common than we think. And for those who’ve been to a “Jukebox” musical on a weekend, you’ll probably agree even more…

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