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Theatre Excess?

July 24, 2013

Some of the theatregoers I admire most are those tourists who fly into London for five days and manage to see two shows per day, every day… even if they do fall asleep in the first three or four due to jetlag. You’ve got to admire their dedication, but I have to admit, it’s just not for me any more.

I’ve done that, though. When I was younger… my famous week included shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, a quick dash to Stratford Upon Avon on Thursday, off the coach and into another London theatre on Friday… and frankly, I didn’t enjoy much of that last show as I was too tired.

One of my favourite guide books is “The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland.” Their wisest advice is, “slow down, protect your investment.” Don’t feel you have to see the whole park in two or even more days… do things at a pace that will live you smiling not so tired all you want to do is snarl.

I think the same applies to theatre. Recently, I proved it again. By some quirk of scheduling I saw 3 plays in 7 days. It could have been 5 if I’d accepted two more invitations. I’d have liked to, in fact… but I knew that I’d end up not even watching the last two plays on my schedule, and one in particular was one I’d wanted to see for ages.

In fact, I enjoyed all three, because I was relaxed and not so tired that I couldn’t appreciate them all.

Of course, I get that if you have paid thousands to fly to London for such a short time, you will want to do plenty… but I really do think that sometimes, even in these saturated times, “less can still be more.”

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