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Cory Monteith

July 17, 2013


“Fame it is fleeting, and stars they keep falling, and ‘staying right up there – that’s the business of art,’” so sings Amanda McBroom in her autobiographical number “Errol Flynn”.

I was surprisingly upset at the news Cory Monteith, star of one of my favourite TV programmes, “Glee” had died aged just 31. Strange watching this last night on TV (I don’t have pay TV, so series 3 is new to me), knowing the news; and well handled, Pick TV, if I may say so.

Now, I’ve never been that interested in “stars” or “celebrities” or their personal lives. What they do professionally, yes, and whether they appear decent people – but outside that, not really. So it was news to me, I admit, that such a “clean cut” character on TV struggled so much with substance abuse.

That got me thinking. Obviously, there’s a lot of that stuff out there and it seems there’s more of it every day. Again, never an interest for me as I know what damage simple flu can do, and see no valid reason to smash up a working body with anything else. But that’s just me.

Why, though, do actors seem particularly vulnerable? OK, the famous ones have the money to buy them, and the media has an interest in reporting it, making the problem seem perhaps more widespread than it is, but still…

I wonder if it is something about creativity that makes those in entertainment more vulnerable. The pressure of having to produce something original every time you go to work, and losing your privacy when you want to relax afterwards.

For actors, does creating a believable character cause the best to become slightly unanchored from their own personalities? In those situations, does a gap open up which hurts so much that drugs and alcohol become the most effective pain-killers? Or do they just offer a way to another world where they feel they can live without pressure? Sadly, more like simply an exit from this world, it seems.

Anyway, it’s another talented life lost, and I just wanted to use my blog entry today to say how sad I am about it. That’s all.

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