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Awards are like Piles

May 1, 2013

Sooner or later, every a**hole gets one… or so the joke runs. Anyway, I’ve never won an award, so nothing to worry about there.

Still, as the whole city failed to notice, last Sunday the Olivier Awards – the highlight of the West End theatre year – took place.

What interested me was that “Top Hat” – winner of “Best Musical,” “Best Choreography” and “Best Costumes” (all totally correct choices in my view) got no coverage at all.

Normally, the “big musical” winner gets the most. This time, it was all “Dog In The Night Time” and Helen Mirren. OK, they deserve the coverage they got of  course, but how odd that the best dance musical since “Cats” didn’t warrant so much as a photograph in the paper the next day. Mind you, having watched the TV coverage, most awards didn’t get any time either – one “they won” caption and perhaps a line of the speech and off…

Looking at the rest of the winners, I couldn’t find much to gripe about. I’d have given Summer Strallen “Best in Musical” over Imelda Staunton, but that’s partly personal bias and I can well see why Staunton edged it artistically, even if I’d have given it to the dancer rather than the singer.

Big cheer for Ms Zimmerman, the lady who, with a single glance, tells the entire story of “A Chorus Line” in a split second at the end. Shame there was no nod for Ms Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, but she’s still a star to watch anyway.

Great choice of special award for Michael Frayn too. His “Benefactors” will always be dear to me as the first commercial West End play I ever saw, and the fact he has decided to hang up his quill is rather sad, but understandable. Happy retirement.

Oh, and a quick mention before I go to Mr Evans “chocolate award” stunt. Quite funny.

So, for next year, hope for many awards for “Once” and also some songs from current shows in the West End, rather than just the “classics.” Otherwise, good to see them back on mainstream TV again. Thank goodness I set my recorder.

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