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Viva Forever, Viva Forever!

March 13, 2013

Following a slew of 2 and three star reviews, the show is still going – hitting its 100th performance this week. I’ve seen it, and actually had a pretty decent evening out, but what I find fascinating is this:

It appears that very few have bothered reading any reviews anyway. Unlike the Broadway of the 1980s, when one review could close a show, it seems that my theory that a vast number of theatregoers don’t read a thing about a show except the box office phone number may well hold true.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with that. Obviously, I’m delighted when anyone reads my own website, but even better is knowing that many still do what I did when I first started theatregoing… simply thinking “that looks interesting” and turning up anyway.

Can’t be bad for the box office of course, but even better, you do get to find things you wouldn’t have seen if you’d read the reviews, and often I’d read a review afterwards and find nothing in it that I felt matched what I’d seen.

I’m not saying professional reviewers aren’t extremely important to a show, but just that with all out internet / twittering / blogging etc, the simple “human choice” element  is still very obviously out there, and I’m delighted to know that. That’s all.

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