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The Book of Theatremonkey Works!

March 6, 2013

Last week I obtained a seemingly “sold out” ticket for “The Book Of Mormon.” Yes, despite the advertising that the show is full until May, there are tickets available and no “secondary ticket agency” required.

All I did was follow my own advice – a good test that the book and website still work after all these years.

So, first off, I only wanted a single seat. Second, I started looking 5 days before the first performance of the new show. That’s when “technical kill” seats – stuff around the sound desk / ends of rows where sightlines can’t be checked until everything is in place on stage – are released.

Sure enough, the day of the first preview, single tickets appeared around the sound desk in the back stalls, and I nabbed one.

BUT, the story doesn’t end there.

I kept checking, and the following day some much better seats in the middle stalls were released. A quick phone call to the customer service line (knowing that Delfont Mackintosh are flexible about ticketing if you ask AT LEAST 24 hours before the performance) and for a small extra payment, the seat was mine.

Come the day, I sat next to a very nice person, who had grabbed the other seats that were also released in that row at about the same time I did.

A successful afternoon out arranged, and for what it’s worth, when writing this entry I checked and found plenty of single, 2 and up to 4 seats scattered for dates well before May. As I’ve always said – you don’t need anything other than patience and a little insider advice. Readers of Theatremonkey, I’m sure I believe, have both.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    March 6, 2013 9:16 am

    Of course you are right, Theatremonkey readers should have the patience and knowledge to secure the seats they want at the right price, but so often I see my Theatre friends paying over the odds for inferior seats! I despair – a few extra minutes research can make all the difference! I was at the Book of Mormon first preview…queued from 11am with trepidation wondering if I would be too shocked with the controversial subject matter – it is undoubtably not a show to take my Mum to, but oh how I laughed ! In all my years of theatre I cannot remember a time when I have instantly loved a show so much!

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