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Spring Clean Out

February 27, 2013

A massive “clear out” in the West End as winter ends, bigger than for a few years. 7 shows went on the 5th, 2 more by the 12th, 3 on the 19th, 3 on the 26th  January. Then “Shrek” just last week. Some were seasonal, or short runs at places like the Royal Court, a couple were unexpected casualties like “Chariots of Fire.”

It’s just a reminder of what theatre is about, I guess. It’s that passing “ephemeral” thing. Two performances are never the same, and neither are two productions of the same show. The words might be, but the interpretation is going to be different each time.

I guess that’s what makes theatre more interesting than film for me. OK, film remakes are made (often not so great as the original), but only in theatre can you have a team of actors, directors and designers all working together with a different opinion on how the words should be presented.

More to the point, only in theatre do you have an audience who will often remember the previous outing of a work and take great delight in “comparing and contrasting” with the present version. Wearying for the cast, perhaps, but without them, could theatre message boards survive?!

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