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Small Things.

January 16, 2013

Well, back from the break, and I must admit I really needed that rest. So tired that I was at my most anti-social, and it was the smaller stuff that really cheered me up over that week.

First off, it made a nice change to see some decent TV – and a few unexpected pleasures. For example, I’m not a Rod Stewart fan particularly, but his Christmas special was seriously one of the most relaxing things I’ve watched all year. Proof that you don’t need a big budget, nasty judges or foul language, just a highly talented singer singing decent songs very well in front of an appreciative but not rowdy audience.

I’d also mention “Call The Midwife,” “Doctor Who” (think I may be one of many in line for his new assistant’s fan club) and finally managing to catch “Up” – not as great as the reviews, perhaps, but had many glorious moments.

Second, and another ‘finally managed to’ catch – “Tom Brown At Oxford.” I remember aged 8 being delighted I’d finished the original novel “Tom Brown’s Schooldays.” I’ve re-read it many times since… but oddly never read the sequel. Thanks to my local library having an archive of old books (for how much longer, though?!) I got them to retrieve a 1963 copy so old it wasn’t even set up for their computer system to allow me to withdraw it (it had to be checked out manually). Like catching up with an old friend, and it ended happily for Tom, East and the crew.

Third, out and about, I can report that the “Emirates Air Line” between the O2 Arena and Excel Centre in Docklands is a short but cheap hoot for £3.20 (Oyster Card Holders’ price). So what if it goes from “nowhere to nowhere” and is so short of riders that I got a gondola to myself both ways (£86 usually for that privilege, apparently!). The view is stunning and a little in-car screen gives you a Google map of what to look for (plus adverts and an annoying woman wishing you a good flight). Not worth a special journey just for that – it’s over in 6 minutes each way – but as part of a trip around London, it’s fun. Should have been built upstream in the tourist zone, though, as it could’ve been a huge hit.

I could add the pleasures of finding 2 pairs of jeans in my size, and a giant box of chocolates in the sale (delaying wearing the first purchase for a month or two now, oh well), and an interesting chat I had with someone homeless about exactly what a particular charity isn’t doing to help them, but I think that’s me caught up, so “Happy New Year” and on with 2013.

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