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Why Theatremonkey is Special

December 5, 2012

Other “travel” websites and blogs sometimes try and do what I did first – and have now been doing for 12 years – with Theatremonkey (and for over 20 years before that, just visiting and recording my experiences for my own use). What got me thinking was just what makes Theatremonkey so unique. I concluded that it was:

1) I’ve personally visited and sat in every section of every West End venue featured. Multiple times for many different shows – as in before “Blood Brothers” at the Phoenix, before “Phantom” at Her Majesty’s – and I know how variations can affect seats.

2) The fact I keep up with the variations. Just last week I was able to report happily that the horrible lighting rig that blighted the corner of the Adelphi stalls is gone, and there will be some happy customers able to sit there for just £25.

3) That every seat is compared with every other seat in the same “price band” across the West End. Impossible if more than one person is doing the research, and has only seen two or three shows in any one venue.

4) Over a million guests a year read, and many thousands contribute opinions to the site. Not only that, but those contributions are weighed and not just automatically posted. Add that many contributors have been doing so for years and have proven reliability, and it’s another impossible to replicate thing.

5) We never have to bribe anyone for a report! Not a single reader has ever done anything for any reward except helping other readers and the site. Amazing, and thank you all.

And that’s just 5 I can think of. There’s our seating plans of course – the famous ratings that our legal eagle (a barrister of repute in the intellectual property field) notes is a system that is unique and belongs to us exclusively – and the fact the West End itself uses, assists (private visits) and endorses what Theatremonkey does.

Not bad, is it, now I stop to think!

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  1. martin ganeider permalink
    December 5, 2012 10:00 pm

    thats exactly why i love the theatremonkey!! congratulations for the first 12 years!! lets look forward to many many more 🙂

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