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Christmas Schedule Online

November 28, 2012

Yes, another hard-working weekend, and the famous Theatremonkey chart showing all the performance changes in the West End over the Holiday period is online now.

Looking at it, it seems that many performers are in for LONG week. Some will do 8 shows in 4 days, a return to the time of “twice nightly variety” a bit, I guess… except that the folk in musicals won’t just do a few minutes and leave – they’ll do the entire show. Twice a day, every day.

It’s easy to forget they are trained like athletes of course, and most of them (the sensible ones) keep in peak condition because they know they couldn’t do their job otherwise. And it is, of course a job done to pay the bills as well as because it beats dodging drunks working behind a bar for many (and sympathy to bar workers on that one, too).

The folk I feel sorry for are actually the laundry team. Most people don’t know that producers have to supply washing / drying machines when they put a show on. Those that do, think it is because theatres are trying to save money. Well, it is, partly. Mostly, it’s because of just this situation every December…

… Dancers’ clothing is basically “biohazard” every night. It’s a little known fact that before deodorant was invented, many West End wardrobe staff move on to jobs in sewage works because it’s a less smelly working environment after two shows on a Saturday…

Even now, the West End stage is where deodorant manufacturers test the latest products. Ever wonder why they always use actors in TV adverts? It’s because that’s how they test the product. Stands to reason, doesn’t it 😉

Either way, the chart is online and the shows are ready for the season. Hope you find something to like among them -the cast will be sweating to do the best to entertain for sure.

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