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Crashing Comets.

November 14, 2012

Two closure announcements bugged me this week.

The loss of “Loserville” upset me simply because it means a bunch of actors and crew who really did “do their all” to make this show special are going to be out of work from early January. It’s a sad fact we live with in this industry, but it’s always that bit sadder when it’s a young team and something new that has been tried. If anyone from the show is reading this, “so sad, thinking of you all.”

The second closure is Comet – the electrical retailer. Well, no surprise there, really. I used to use the place as a souk, but that was all. I mean to say that I found you could haggle in there for “ex-display” items and over the years I walked away with some VERY cheap stuff whose only defect was a thin layer of dust.

That said, I wouldn’t pay more than £30 or so for anything in there, and anything major I bought from department store John Lewis. Why? Staff at Comet sometimes knew as much as JL staff (don’t believe it that all JL staff know their products, trust me, they don’t and many I’ve encountered are as clueless as any other staff member elsewhere). They are also equally rude on occasion – and I do mean as in “I boycotted Comet for a long while after one incident” way – as any other shop.

No, the big reason was that if anything went wrong, John Lewis didn’t try wriggling out of it… or try selling me an overpriced guarantee when my statutory legal rights covered it equally well.

 Again, I’m sorry for those at Comet who will be out of work – I’ve enough experiences of losing jobs to know what it feels like; and wish those staff well too.

 It just struck me, that in two different industries, it really is the structure that makes all the difference. Isn’t that odd… and a filler for this blog too.

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