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Scary X Factor

October 31, 2012

On the day when scary things are spoken of, I thought I’d mention this year’s “X Factor.”

The format is incredibly tired, and (as this year’s “Britain’s Got Talent” proved) needs Mr Cowell back to give it credibility.

That said, there’s actually some interesting things going on, I’d say.

First, James. The boy has a LOT to learn about presentation – of himself and his performance… BUT… he should learn it as fast as he can. What an amazing voice! He can sing anything, and lend it his own interpretation. I really hope he can use this as a springboard to build something for himself.

Next, Lucy. On the wrong programme of course. She should have done something that would give her what she actually needs – Lily Cooper / Allen’s creative team to get her first “major label” album out and knock everything else into shape.

I was pretty upset the way she appeared (if you believe the tabloids) to chuck away what she was offered, but lesson learned (I hope) and when her album’s out, I’m first in line.

And then there’s Ella. 16 and can sing. Another Diana Vickers, I think. Probably going to make it, if she wants to, in musical theatre rather than pop, but again, has an interesting voice.

For the rest, I’m probably alone in not liking the boy bands, and I’m afraid I find Jahmane and Rylan tedious at best. Kye is picking up a bit now, though.

 Wish Carolynne had stayed in, and sad to see the cheery MK1 go too, and that’s how I see it at the moment.

Oh, and just for the record, my breath smells of toothpaste (I hope)…

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