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October 24, 2012

This thing about wanting to cull badgers to prevent TB in cattle has been bothering me for ages. Apparently they want to use Nutella to lure the badgers to gunmen.

I can’t see that working for a number of reasons.

For a kick off, female badgers are going to take one look at the Nutella, think “fattening” and ignore it.

The kids will have all had their BCG at school, so aren’t a target – but will probably scoff the free Nutella anyway.

The male badgers will probably go for it, turning up with a loaf of sliced white and a spreading knife, sure. But I still see two flaws.

If the gunmen are after the badgers who spread TB, how are they going to get close enough to hear which ones are coughing, so they know which badgers to shoot?

And, and this is the clincher: how can the gunmen tell if the badger is coughing because it has TB… or just because Nutella does make your mouth a bit dry anyway…

I see a lot of legal cases brought by badger families over all this…


Or is it just me?

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