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October 17, 2012

Go to theatres and wreck them?

I’m always careful. Don’t eat in theatres, take my stuff away with me etc.

Went to the Garrick on Monday. In just the time before the show I found:

1) Some clown had removed half the lock on a toilet cubicle door. Not the whole slider, just the bit the slider goes into?!

2) Another joker (or the same latrine obsessed one) had tinkered with the flush on another loo, so it didn’t work very well. Either that or they just need the ball valve adjusted. Either way, isn’t it annoying having to hang around for the cistern to refill… and to  be charged a restoration fee per ticket when there is clearly little restoration going on.

3) They have replaced the floor under the front 5 rows of stalls, but not the rest… mind the step.

4) The step is a magnet for catching stray malteasers…. one ancient one right by my seat.

5) AND THIS IS THE CLINCHER. Something I’ve never seen before in a theatre, ever: Somebody managed to BREAK the back of a seat. As in smash the wood clean (well, splintery, actually) apart. The lower back curved part of seat D18. How they did it, I don’t have a clue. But those seats are antique, and deserve respect. Man, was I ANGRY.

I did get to report all the above to the general manager of the venue, who was grateful. But what happened to the genteel audiences I used to know?


P.S. On this blog, readers now have 5 days from the date of posting  to reply to them. After that, the subject “locks” to prevent spam. Just thought I’d let you know.

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