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Theatremonkey Now On Kindle

August 15, 2012

For those who’ve not read the email I sent out on Friday (probably because you are not on the mailing list – see yes, it’s true.

A revised edition of the 2010 smash hit paperback book, which lead to the founding of this blog, is now in Ebook format, initially from

Not just the original paperback in E format, the entire text has been checked and updated as required.

There’s new phone numbers as needed, revised seating plans – incidentally the first London seating plans in Ebook format – for around 8 venues, and updated advice.

It’s amazing how much and how little has changed, really. A few venues have been sold or re-named, sadly a few fringe venues have closed down, but others have opened. That goes for websites too, with one social calendar site proving that nobody in London is that sociable any more alas. Oh  well.

It was harder to add new sites, though. The old ones seem the best, and despite a few new ones starting, none have challenged the lot from 2010 in adding anything. A few idiots think that copying a successful format works, but when you take a look at the sites, there’s so many errors that they are useless and just damage themselves, alas.

Still, the new edition represents a giant leap forward in theatrical publishing I think (Mr P told me to say that, or he threatened to cry), so do take a look and I hope you enjoy it as much as the original.

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