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Superstar Continues

July 18, 2012

So, Saturday’s narrowing down to the final 10 – or 11 as it turned out – was somewhat confusing for Daily Mail readers. No, none of the contenders were revealed as illegal but hard-working immigrants with huge families and benefits bills to match. It was just that the Mail’s Saturday magazine ran a feature a couple of weeks ago stating that they were presenting 6 finalists to us… oddly, at least 1 in those photos didn’t make it into the finals. Bad phrasing or deliberate mis-direction? Who knows?

Either way, the viewing figures aren’t there. Around 3.2m for the first “live” programme, up just a hundred thousand on the night before. July isn’t the best time for TV anyway – folk are on holiday / have plans at weekends that they hoped would have taken place in the sun. That said, is the format stale? We are now far more used to that fact it’s all about the TV programme and not the theatre show, and being on ITV rather than the BBC perhaps adds an extra layer of “X Factor” cynicism to it all.

The live programmes themselves look a bit like “X Factor” (and use the same studio). What was noticeable on the first edition, though, was that after the first commercial break, the audience no longer reacted to any judges’  comments with the usual childish booing of well-meant advice. A studio manager telling them to ‘shut up as it brings down the tone’ I’d say. A good decision too, as the whole was far more watchable without the moronic braying from those who know little.

So, on the plus side, there are a few possible. Early front runners for me are Roger, Jeff and Nathan, with Ben for Judas if Tim Minchin were to prove unavailable. Of the rest, you have to like Jon for trying so hard and Tim for being one of the few who knows what its like on both sides of the musical desk.

On the minus side, it really is a bit too “X Factor.” Fragments of pop songs that theatre people like me just don’t know, and are confused by if these are proper auditions. If you can’t sing a show song on a stage, how do you judge if you CAN sing a show song on a stage? Plus, the dancers are very attractive and talented… but do we need so many on every song?

Of the judges, not sure why Dawn French is there (oh, no, I’m wrong, I do know – she came out with one good one-liner). Mel C, you can understand – she can at least choose who she may have to kiss in a few months. Jason Donovan? At least he’s done some stage work. Shame we couldn’t have had the ALW / Norton / Barrowman bunch back, though.

As for “Taste Watch” a new low was struck in the Sunday trailer, with a really tasteless “help us find Jesus” crack from Amanda Holden (OK presenter, by the way). Later, her “Jesuses” was also weird, and in general the word seemed to be treated with a little less care than might have been respectful.

The eliminations seem to have been an afterthought. The first involved a “stairway to heaven” and the loser “walking into the light”. Pretty tasteless, though at least no ascent into the sky or getting hung up on a cross is in evidence. Second night, they added music but lost the stairway and light names. Wonder what they’ll do next?

Still, it could be worse, as so far nobody has “nailed” a song.

3 live shows down, 6 to go. How many will be watching by the end?

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