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The Opposite of Bucket Lists

July 4, 2012

“Bucket Lists”:  Apparently this phrase was made popular in a 2007 film, but existed some time before that. I was vaguely aware of it, but for some reason I was thinking the other day what the opposite of it might be?

Think about it. We all have a list of things we’d like to do (and Mr P also has a list of things he’d like to do but can’t, due to various court orders, but we won’t go there) as well as the mundane things we should do – clear the garden, tidy the attic, dust the entire house despite being a Quentin Crisp fan on that matter, end the Muppet Show taking place in the fridge veg drawer etc. Isn’t it time, though, we started celebrating the weird and wonderful stuff that we HAVE done?

I’m going to call it my “Water  List” – as, of course, water fills buckets and ‘flows under bridges’ as time passes. I think the rules, though, have to be the same as for ‘bucket’ lists. They have to be a bit out of the ordinary, so passing exams / driving tests / hatches and matches are out. It’s about that stuff that happens to you that you never thought could, and that you are always pleased about. So, here goes with my five (in no particular order)…

I guess number one is that I’ve met all but one of my comedy heroes. Better still, they’ve all exceeded my wildest expectations about how wonderful they are when ‘off stage.’ The only reason I’ve not met all of them is simply that I wasn’t even born when one was alive. Oh well, 3 out of 4 is good going – and Andrew Stott’s “The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi” makes me feel I almost met him in the end too.

Number Two: Flown through the Grand Canyon. Really, really, flown through it. Inside and below the rim (not allowed now, I think, nor even then – lucky we had Biggles at the controls that day).

Number Three: Entered the “Star Wars” universe for real. Sat in the Millennium Falcon, walked Yoda’s Swamp, the Death Star and more. Wow.

Number Four: Borrowing a West End theatre. A journalist wanted to do an interview / picture shoot, they let us use one for a couple of hours. The privilege of going into one during the day is something any time, to have the freedom they gave us was fantastic. Even better, the story never ran, so the photos remain under wraps – being a magazine model was NEVER on any list of mine… and again we’ll leave any list of Mr P’s regarding ‘magazine models’ well alone too…

Number Five: Been mentioned by the “Wall Street Journal.” One of the earliest press notices for the website. It came out of the blue, and I’ve ‘dined out’ on it ever since – it’s on the back of the book as well. Of course, Mr P asking to publish the book was a thrill – and a proof to myself that I could write that much material and that an editor and publisher could make it readable; still that review remains one of my wilder moments.

And it is that stuff that I think is worth celebrating. You never quite know when something happens that you’ll never repeat (nor want to, as it would stop being special), so putting it in a “Water” list just does what water does – sustains life unequivocally, and washes away the grime when you want it to. Could be worse, couldn’t it!

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