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More Green Whinging

April 18, 2012

Last entry, I was complaining about the pointlessness of changing TVs, and the fact that “greenies and government” aren’t interested in the waste it’ll produce. In my house, I’ve just found out that my trusty old digital TV box isn’t compatible with the new signal… another one for the scrap heap.

So, this week, I wanted to continue the thought about “joined up” Green thinking – and the lack of it by those who are supposed to be in charge.

I’ll leave out the obvious: you can’t expect us to do anything to save water when the water companies NEVER, and I do mean NEVER repair any leak in the street, moan that they have no money and pay bosses and shareholders billions;  nor that the EU bleats about carbon but shifts itself across borders between offices on a regular basis. No, none of that.

I’m talking on a smaller scale. As both regular readers know, I sometimes take a private group to the theatre by coach. This supposedly ticks all the “green” boxes by utilising public transport to bring 50 people into theWest Endwith minimal resources. So why, then, is it so difficult?

Shaftesbury Avenue (and indeed the whole area) has almost no coach parking bays at all. Getting folk out of the theatre and onto the bus takes time – there’s always somebody who has put their coat in the cloakroom (against advice) or needs the loo (fair enough) or just gets lost in the labyrinth that is a West End theatre. Trouble is, as organiser, I have to tick everybody off on my list before the bus can leave… and with nowhere to wait to do that, life gets VERY difficult. Wouldn’t it make more sense for coaches to be allowed to stop on “double yellow” lines for a period, or else have a dedicated level of a central car park to use?

And while on the subject, the coach company inform me that it’s almost not worth their while to remain in business, with the ridiculous regulations they are put under regarding engine emissions and the modifications required – and that is before the cost of diesel. They wouldn’t mind if it applied to everybody, but it doesn’t to overseas vehicles… and their fuel is cheaper too.

I could go on. Why is public transport free for so many when it’s so overcrowded? I’ve got no problem at all with the “FreedomPass” for elderly and disabled people, as it’s a lifeline for them, but all children? We had to pay – and earn the cash to do so – so what’s different now? I’m not buying the idea there’s no jobs either – the web is there to trade on, and there’s never been more pet owners requiring dogs walked etc.

Again from a theatre viewpoint, it doesn’t really help that it stops running so early. Wouldn’t it be great to use the money saved from issuing useless free passes to run a system that lets folk have a meal after the show or attend a midnight matinee and get home by tube – and I’m sure the theatre workers would agree. One or two nights a week even would be brilliant. No need for cars to drive in…

And another thing, why does everything have to  be on a TV screen these days? A printed announcement would suffice, you don’t need to burn tonnes of decomposed dinosaur just to have the show logo permanently on display in the foyer or the wall of a tube station. A bit of dead tree would do the job – and is far easier to replace once it’s nicked too.

I’ve never believed any of the rubbish about global warming and resources running out. I remember in the 70s being told we’d all be in caves by now – and we are not. A million things have happened since then that couldn’t even be imagined by the professional con artists who make money selling ‘advice’ to leaders too lazy and distant to think and see for themselves. I know that things will continue to be said and proved wrong in unimaginable ways for the next 40 years too – but wouldn’t it be great if for once they could all be linked together?!

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