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The Show Goes On

August 10, 2011

Following on from what I just said, an email came in from a young lady who says,

“Please give some coverage to a londoner who has worked her socks off to create something and not just rob it from JD sports with a scarf over their face!  I’m going to really struggle for audience now so any help you can give would be really appreciated.

Not Stalking Productions Presents (as part of the Camden Fringe)

Out, Damned Spot

The new play written and performed by Emma Hutchins

Lady Macbeth – a heartless monster ruled by a sinister purpose: But what if before the ruthlessness, ambition, murder, madness and tragedy there was instead innocence and love, hopes and dreams? It is many years before Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and you are invited to the wedding of Isobel, a humble young maiden excitedly preparing for a wonderfully happy future; she has the man of her dreams, a new social standing and a castle all of her own, what could possibly go wrong?

Out, Damned Spot asks you take a fresh look at Shakespeare’s original devil woman. Come, explore what sort of existence pushes a person to the edge of their conscience. Throw away your preconceptions, immerse yourself in medieval castle life and see how a naive young girl becomes a cold, commanding woman. Perhaps long before her tragic ambition Lady Macbeth had longed for a simple marriage? And once upon a time could the infamous murderess have been a loving, devoted mother? Watch how expectations, wishes and desires slowly wither and die, watch as innocence is brutally stolen; watch as a love story twists into a tragedy.

Above the Oxford Arms
265 Camden High Street
London NW1 7BU

Wed 10 August 2011 7:30pm £8.00 (Plus bk fee £1)
Thu 11 August 2011 7:30pm £8.00 (Plus bk fee £1)
Fri 12 August 2011 7:30pm £8.00 (Plus bk fee £1)

Book tickets via either / 020 7482 4857
or 08444 77 1000

‘Out, Damned Spot’ is the new work from writer/ performer Emma Hutchins. Emma’s first play ‘NOT Stalking David Tennant’ was performed at the Camden and Edinburgh Fringes in 2007 and 2008 with ‘Do Look Back in Anger’ having a very successful run at Camden in 2009. Both shows received much critical acclaim for both Emma’s writing and performance. Reviews include:

For ‘Do Look Back in Anger’:
‘Emma Hutchins has written and performed in another high quality show: .It is a pleasure to watch (her) perform the roles of Babydoll and Alison. : Emma has a brilliant grasp in becoming these characters in a different way, through her body language and exceptional use of different accents. The highlight of her performance is the role of Babydoll; so funny and yet so sympathetically moving: .Emma Hutchins has given these characters a voice of their own.’ ( Remotegoat)

‘Emma Hutchins is undoubtedly a capable writer and performer: the audience smiled at the literary in-jokes, were moved by Lady M and seduced by Babydoll’ (Fringereview)

For ‘Not Stalking David Tennant’:
‘Hutchins’ creates a genuinely enchanting piece, with carefully crafted characters who are thoroughly engaging to watch: an impressive debut piece.’ (The British Theatre Guide)

‘The characters she (Emma Hutchins) creates, using both her accomplished verbal and non-verbal resources, represent a colourful variety of types, accents and personal quirks: demonstrating her own gifts of confidence, fun and artistic integrity.’ (The Stage)

‘an admirable and brave performer who: delivers a funny, emotional, and upsetting performance that explores issues close to many women’s hearts.’
(Three weeks)

Is it possible that Shakespeare’s demon was once just the girl next door….?

Go to for more info and please forward this invite on to any collegues, students or friends who maybe interested, especially Shakespeare students or lecturers!


Says it all, doesn’t it!

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