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It’s all Bleep to Me

March 24, 2011

Regular readers will notice this posting is a day late. This was due to not being able to log in to update the blog yesterday. Appropriate, as my subject was – and is-  my attitude towards current technology…

It was only after a long discussion with Mr P – well, more a full and frank exchange of opinions on the matter – that I was persuaded to write a blog. Surprising as it might seem, I’m actually not that interested in technology or what those who create it create to take cash from people’s pockets.

I have to use a computer for work purposes, and indeed find being able to search for things online very useful. Thanks to the removal of public telephones, I had to buy the cheapest mobile I could – and never use it except once every six months to retain my line and number. Never had or wanted smartphones, e-readers, games consoles, pay TV, I-anything or a myriad other electronic toys the Sunday papers are full of.

Why? Cost aside, truth is, I would never use any of that stuff. A few favourite programmes aside, most TV now is infantile – particularly documentaries. They all seem to be aimed at a generation who cannot bear to concentrate for more then a sentence at a time. I can say that because I know nobody who falls into this group will have got beyond “A few favourite programmes aside…” If I wish to learn more about a subject, there are always books offering the information at all levels from beginners’ interest to the most advanced.

I-pods? I see all these poddy people wandering around totally cut off from life around them… is that healthy? Also, just wait ‘till the battery / chip goes and you lose ALL your music in one go…

Games: I stare at a screen all day… can’t bear to do so all evening as well. If I want an imaginary world, books work just fine for me – and E-readers I’ve discussed before (not suitable for the bath, too little print and again it’s on a screen).

Finally, ‘apps’ – I already use the web at home. Do you seriously expect me to whip out a mobile in a shop every time I wish to check the price of something or want directions somewhere? I’ve already checked it online or in a book before leaving – and probably bought an item anyway, so I don’t need to carry it home. Going further, pulling out an expensive electronic toy in public in most parts of London is just asking to have it unwittingly donated to somebody less well off than yourself both financially and morally.

Put another way, for most of my life, most of this stuff never existed, and I got along just fine without any of it. I still do. Just me, probably, and I’ve very happy to be so, too, thanks.

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