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Quick Philosophy

January 28, 2011

Regular theatremonkey reader James remarks,
“Sat in Dress Circle B18 and B19 for Les Mis – supberb – as they should be at that price!”

I suddenly realised from this that ‘Premium Seats’ are in fact simply God’s way of telling theatregoers that they earn too much…

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  1. January 29, 2011 11:46 pm

    We went to book our tickets for Wizard of Oz last week and couldn’t help having a sneaky peek at the seating plan to see what the deal was for premium priced seats. There seemed to be a small number of greyed-out seats and on the side of the plan was an exhortation to ‘ask about premium seats’. We didn’t of course! Checking theatremonkey today we see that there are provisional prices, with no premium seats (for the moment). Our question is this: does this mean that the theatre deliberately sells less desirable top price seats first, so that there are some good quality seats left to sell at premium prices if they decide? Or could you find yourself in a top price seat bought early, sitting in a better seat than someone who bought late and paid more? The nearest parallel we can think of for this is on our trips to the US, where almost invariably the car hire clerk endevours to persuade us to upgrade our pre-booked car – we always say no, and on collection find that we’ve already been upgraded (well the US don’t really do economy size, do they?) Is this what is going on here? Of course no-one would bat an eyelid in other industries, particularly travel. And as if to prove our point, we find the Southwark Playhouse adopting ‘Airline style’ pricing – the earlier you book the cheaper the tickets. Looks like this period of transition is not over yet!

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