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Another Theatremonkey New Year

January 5, 2011

Second day back at work, and could already do with another dozen days off. Still, while I was away I thought of a few good things to look forward to in the coming year:

It’s easier to type 11 than 10 when I’m putting the dates onto things – so I should save almost a second of working time over the course of the year.

“Glee” is back on Monday, with Brittany a series regular – let’s hope she never takes any acting class that destroys her natural comic timing.

It’s now easier to calculate VAT in my head than it was before. Move the decimal point and double.

Keira Knightley returns to the West End next month. Though for £85 I’m sure there’ll be a few in the audience expecting her to do more than just talk about it…

I don’t have to go to any more crowded homeware sales now that I found what I wanted in the current one.

Us guys get a legit reason to look at photographs of Catherine (Kate) Middleton for the next few months, scoring romance bonus points for “just taking an interest in the Royal Wedding” should we be observed.


Just before moving on (I’ve a lot of stuff to catch up on still), something I meant to post before the break but didn’t:

As I was posting my last December entry, I found that there was a cache of “comments” from various people stored in the blog ‘control panel’ but not making it online. There’s quite a few, and I really can’t get to them all, but thanks for reading and the feedback is both unexpected and appreciated. To one person: glad you liked the tube stuff and happy travelling; to another, the posts appear here only – and are a part of the publishing of the book. They aren’t really up for trade or further exploitation, but hyperlinks are welcome to this page from any page you have.

Oh and to the person who enjoyed the “Phantom” article, you might enjoy next week’s look at “Les Mis.”

Till next time. Happy 2011 one and all.

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