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More about the Theatremonkey Podcast

October 20, 2010

No, I’ve still not listened to it… but I have a lot more respect for anybody who does that sort of thing for a living. They say you don’t know until you’ve tried… this time, they were right. Also, for the record, two hours (out of a 4 year course) of ‘media’ training is wonderful preparation for doing an interview – NOT.

Mr P has listened to it, with the reaction, “It’s classic. Did you enjoy contributing to it? They certainly give you a long segment. It even comes in two parts! Seriously though, I think you did really well and came across very naturally. Well done.”

My reply,
“I must admit I’ve had happier mornings – that wonderful hour I spent having my wisdom teeth removed under local anaesthetic is one that springs to mind as being way higher on the list than being interviewed.”

And yes, I meant it.

A good American friend was also surprised, noting, “How can you talk that fast and be articulate at the same time? No umms and ahs and hems and haws that we Yanks use to get through our Q&A’s.”

Simple answer – nerves! Still, rather nice to hear from somebody who comes from a country where citizens appear to be born knowing which camera to look at and give their first  smile and burp to.

Anyway, for the record, Dom – the guy interviewing me – was great to chat to. The podcasters use an environment I’m happiest in too, a foyer of a major South Bank venue, so that feels OK too. Come to think of it, it isn’t even having the microphone in front of you that is the problem… it’s knowing that what you’ve said is getting recorded, and hoping you haven’t said anything too “George Dubya.” That’s what’s putting me off listening. Still, will do so one day, just like I’ll have to read my book on paper and not just the online preview one that I have.

 Oh, and just to add a little something else to this entry, totally off topic, I am *SO* not happy about the price of 2012 Olympic Games tickets (revealed this week). Was hoping to catch at least one event, but at those prices???? Anybody know if competitors get a discount, and if so, what sport could I become a world master of from the comfort of my sofa in just 2 years? Could they maybe make channel-surfing an event?

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