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So long summer…

September 1, 2010

And one summer tradition fell victim to the weather last week. Every year I look forward to seeing the musical at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. Last week, for the first time since 1990, they stopped the performance I was attending  just after half time. I’m not saying the ‘elf’n’safety brigade was totally to blame – they didn’t ask the Park to construct a sort of  climbing frame / treehouse / skyscraper set. On the other hand, it wasn’t raining THAT hard, and had the cast not been at probable risk due to having to climb a mile to sing every line, they could have carried on.

Yes, I’ve now had to change my wonderful seats for not such good ones another time in order to find out how it all ends, so I’m brassed off. On the plus side, the RP Exchange Line and Box Office should take a bow. Efficient and helpful aren’t strong enough superlatives to describe the gentleman I spoke to, and my new tickets were emailed within hours. Also on the plus side, I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the show without having to write about it – a nice change. One of the small drawbacks of running the site is that every theatregoing opportunity is one to refine the page, so knowing I can just enjoy at least the first half of the show is a change.

There are also perks to running the site, of course. Free stuff. In the run-up to the gift buying season (followed, of course, by the gift exchanging season in January); several purveyors of quality printed and recorded works seek my opinion on their latest output. Promised goodies include Berkoff and Plummer autobiographies (and you won’t see that pair together in the same sentence that often) and the new Miz CD.

Before all those, however, last week I was somewhat surprised to receive a hefty 1500 tome concerning the joys of, er, to put it politely, ‘relaxing with oneself while using the internet.’ Who could produce such a work, I asked? (knowing that Mr P is otherwise occupied with his latest learned diatribe on acing the UK immigration test). The accompanying press release of course was clear. Trekkie Monster, one of the stars of West End musical “Avenue Q” has decided to share his long years of research with us. For more on the ADULTS ONLY book, visit  For the monkey review see

And there it almost ends, with just a note to remember to sponsor Terri Paddock, Editorial Director of the website. On the 10th October, she is running the Royal Parks Half-Marathon in aid of the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts, an educational charity which provides access for young people who would otherwise grow up having had no, or very limited opportunity, to engage with the arts, including theatre. An amazing cause, worth a few pounds at I’d say.

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