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Theatremonkey v Gordon Brown II

August 25, 2010

“The Thriller Turns Vanilla,” or something. Either way, the interesting news from Amazon is that last week’s positions have been more than totally reversed. “Theatremonkey, A Guide To London’s West End” has been enjoying a position within the top 30,000 to 70,000, while Gordon (insert your own epithet, sorry, epitaph here) Brown is back down in the mid-quarter century area again. Even more interesting, the price hasn’t fallen to match, so maybe there are hopes of another surge… after a few months of someone else leading the red corner, perhaps?

Saddest news of the week was the closure of Keith Prowse Tickets. This famous name had closed once before in 1991, ending a history that began in 1780 – when “box office computer” meant a stub of pencil and online booking was available only for performances 225 years ahead (basically a Cliff Richard gig). The name was bought in 1994 by another company, but apparently there were some financial issues that necessitated calling in administrators on 11th August.

Nobody has lost tickets due to this, but I’m really upset that the cheery team in Donegal are all out of a job. Always chirpy, they’d do their best to answer a question – even if you rang the call centre late at night – to the utmost of their abilities. If any Irish employer is reading this, then feel free to take that as a reference for any of them – you’ll do no better for customer care if you take one or more of them on.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering why I’m able to write this, after expecting to be offline… simple prevarication. Windows 7 / Office 2010 may well be where it’s all at, but can I be bothered to re-learn everything? My usual computer expert says I can stick with trusty Office 2003 even if he has to move it onto a 7 base – and 7 is apparently little different to XP… But… you get comfy with the way your machine is set up, and it is just the thought of those awkward few days when your ‘new shoes have to shape themselves to your feet’ and you know you can’t walk quite as far as usual until they do.

Still, will have to bite the bullet and go get measured soon.

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