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Theatremonkey Busy

August 11, 2010

Last week I noticed that London was heaving with overseas visitors. This week, I’m wondering how many are going to the theatre…

Yesterday I probably set some kind of theatremonkey site record, working for nearly 4 hours just on adding new offers to the ticket discounting page. To my total bewilderment, that spilt over into this morning, with a further 3 hours of new offers on top of that.              

The best of these has to be the return of the famous “Buy A Ticket, Get your Hotel Room FREE” deal that proves so successful each January and July. A bit later this year than last, but going on into the early autumn for a change…  so a good chance for a weekend in London once your butler has packed the kids back off to boarding school on the Hogwarts Express.

What struck me about all the offers, though, was that many (the hotel ones excluded) are for the cheaper seats in the theatre.  As readers of the Theatremonkey book know, many of these seats are a real bargain for those willing to accept being a little further back / seeing a little less of the stage.

Perhaps the book – and even the website – have persuaded theatres to re-discover the potential of the cheaper seats, and tap a market for those who wish to see a show but can’t manage even a discounted top price pair in the stalls. I mean, £65 down to £44.99 isn’t really that affordable, is it?!

Both book and site march on, by the way. In two amusing conversations, I’ve discovered that almost half the major ticket agencies in London are actually equipped with multiple copies of the guide… and one or two even use it in “dispute resolution.” I’ve never thought it was heavy enough to do much damage bouncing off a difficult person’s skull, but obviously somebody has worked out a method. Answers on a postcard, please.

A nice mention too, for the site, from my old friends at Emma Roberts, in romantic mood, looks at deals for couples on everything from a meal to a day or an evening out. Some great ideas for saving a great deal of cash, while still impressing the object of your affections. Have a look, it could be just the thing for a little late summer blooming… if you can find the time!

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