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Theatremonkey Rising

July 14, 2010

At the risk of sounding like the late bloke who used to do all the Hollywood film trailer narrations, “In a world where recession has hit, and fear of the World Cup / Tennis and Heatwave is stalking the streets,” I have to say… June was a real surprise.

No, not that June (of her I’d expect little else, with a pushy stage mother like Rose), I’m talking about the month. Actually ahead of all expectations with book and ticket sales. Even though the theatremonkey website attracted fewer than usual readers, most were actual buyers.

The really amusing thing was coming third in a trade competition that I didn’t even know I’d entered. That was quite funny… what really made me laugh was the prize… ticket tokens. They’ll be put to good use of course, but it did feel a bit like a baker winning a loaf or Ant’n’Dec a sack of coal.

Also quite nice was doing a banner swap with Dress Circle, the showbiz shop who’ve supported the book since the beginning and have sold many copies. In return for a space on theatremonkey to advertise a forthcoming signing of “Legally Blonde” London Cast CDs (already ordered mine), they’ve given Mr P a space on the side of their web page. Mr P is busy working out how to sell the book in 120 square pixels now, so watch that space.

Oh, and a final experimentation result. If the outside temperature is 32C and you keep your double glazed windows and doors firmly shut the whole time, with all curtains closed… the inside temperature stays cool… but your house starts to reek after about 12 hours. Just thought I’d mention.

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