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Theatremonkey Puzzles

June 30, 2010

Confusing stuff at the moment – which I put down to the heat,

1) Why did “Theatremonkey: A Guide To London’s West End” suddenly leap into the top 10,000 books earlier this week at, after spending the preceding week at number 100,000 or thereabouts? Mr P doesn’t have a clue, there’s not been any mention of the book anywhere on the web, and site traffic hasn’t increased substantially. Good news, but odd.

2) Why did the Inland Revenue take FOUR YEARS to send me a tax bill, and then get the whole thing wrong? More to the point, should I move closer to the sea so that they can’t bother me any more, as they only deal with Inland people?

3) Why am I now seeing more baby rabbits running wild around my local area, if all I’ve ever seen before is one single rabbit? Is rabbit internet dating a new idea that I’ve never heard of, or is there a lack of feminists in the rabbit community to speak out for those trapped in their burrows all day?

4) Why do I really, and I mean really, not care that England didn’t win in football, and that we probably won’t have much luck at Wimbledon either? Should we adopt the Chinese approach and pick sports nobody else is good at and then train 7 year olds like mad for them? Our Olympic Egg and Spoon ambitions could rest on the current year 3 more heavily than SAT tests in years to come.

There’s also the oddity that was actually busier than last June, despite all known factors and the state of much of the rest of the theatre industry; and also the sadness that “The Fantasticks” lasted just two weeks in a classic case of wrong show, wrong time, perhaps wrong production. Oh, and why doesn’t any branch of Boots within a 10 mile radius stock their very useful “Total Sunblock In A Solid Stick” product like the website does? Too many questions, too much sun? Who knows?

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