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More urban jungle Theatremonkey

June 23, 2010

Further reminders of just how close to nature London is, this week, as I enjoyed some rare Sunday summer sunshine on a local common. I’d forgotten that it is one of the last places in London to have open grazing for cattle… and so was amused to discover a dairy herd enjoying an airing as much as the humans did. It’s easy to forget just how large these animals are, and how important to the food chain – and even easier for some idiots to forget how dangerous.

As I watched, one pathetic individual allowed their dog to begin worrying the cattle. An actual criminal offence under the Countryside Act, of course (but has there ever been a prosecution in London?). Fortunately for the dog, the cow concerned chose merely to step forward rather than kick, and the hound ran at the movement of the irritated bovine.

Stopping only to say hello to the deer herd further along the path – who ignored me because I don’t carry carrots (except on second dates) – I strolled on, musing on the wonders of nature and wondering why I so suddenly fancied a Big Mac and a milkshake.

And so to theatre news. Nothing much happening; though interestingly the football hasn’t really affected at all, except to provide some quiet time during matches to write things like this. It is probably only me who isn’t interested at all in the game, but the time to catch up on work and films is appreciated. “The Jolson Story” remains THE best film about the theatre world I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t already, go watch… there’s plenty of time as I think this cup thing goes on for another two weeks at least.

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