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Over the Rainbow about Danielle?

May 24, 2010

On the whole, yes. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind after she had sung her final two songs. Her “Mambo Italiano” was far better second time around – and its first outing weeks ago was outstanding – thus proving she is able to learn, and learn quickly. More important, Sophie’s face as Danielle gave her “Over The Rainbow” I feel requires me to add no further words. While I doubt – as her winning reprise showed – that she could sing that song the same way every night, as a one-off it was formidable enough to pretty well predict the final result I felt.

For me as a theatrical observer, the real interest came a few hours before. Prior to closing for the weekend, I took extra time to double-check all details of the show to make sure the pages would be online the moment the winner was announced. To my surprise, I found that the whole thing had been brought forward two months, and that cheap previews had been added too. More important, the box office made clear that Danielle would only do 7, not 8 shows per week. Obviously learning from the “Sound Of  Music” experience, this makes both commercial and health sense for such a young performer.

As to the two runners-up (whom you cannot, by any sense of the word, call losers when they are both such winners), well done and let’s hope Lauren and Andrew do telephone each other soon. Sophie I could see working once she has trained, and of the rest I’d like to see Jessica paired with Abi Finley (one of the original Maria girls of 2006) in a revival of comedy musical “Wonderful Town.” I think that would be hilarious.

Now only three questions remain: 1) will Danielle get good reviews – we’ll know in March 2011. 2) How are tickets selling? I’ll get my own ‘straw poll’ tomorrow – with luck – when I check the website activity logs. 3) Did I vote?… after that version of “Over The Rainbow,” how could I not…

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