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Oz is getting closer

May 5, 2010

Did the right Dorothy get put on the moon this week? I’m not sure, or at least I wasn’t until Stephanie ended up in the bottom two. For my money, Sophie again turned in a performance that didn’t ‘do it’ for me while Steph should have stayed out of the danger zone. And then the results were announced.

Stephanie is only 18 and to deal with that level of rejection at any age is tough. On the other hand, there are many youngsters her age already working in the West End professionally, handling daily stress that she clearly just wasn’t ready for yet. I hope she realises that with training there is indeed a future, and she only needs to prepare for it. The way in which she managed to keep going in her final moments showed the strength she has.

Of the rest, my guess is that next week’s Double Dorothy Death will see Steph and Sophie go, with Jenny following them a week later. It’s now at the stage where it’s a real shame to lose anyone, however, and with any luck all the contestants will find roles they deserve.

By the way, public booking opens this Sunday, 9th May for the show at the Palladium. You know the book to consult when choosing your tickets – and stock levels at Foyles, Waterstone’s, Amazon and Book Depository are high enough to meet demand if you are quick.

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