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Theatremonkey Books Appear… and Disappear…

April 28, 2010

The good news is that the Finchley Road, London branch of “Waterstones” will shortly be stocking “Theatremonkey: A Guide To London’s West End” in their London section. Amazing what a chat with a very friendly department person can do… they even promised to display it “face outwards” – that is, with the cover showing – when it arrives. Most kind.

Further good news is a spike in sales at over the weekend and into this week. Not sure why, but Mr P is looking happier than he has in a while. That could be the weather… or a beer sale at his local supermarket, though.

The bad news is that, having persuaded my local library to stock a copy of the book, it is now recorded as “missing, presumed read.” Yes, that pocket sized edition is ideal for slipping into pockets. The next library copy will be chiselled on paving slabs, with a crane provided to help flick through the pages. Try getting that out the door under your jacket…

Meanwhile, over in the land of Oz, “Sun” newspaper readers are getting a week’s head start on tickets before the rest of us. The show is going in to the Palladium from March 2011, which I think is good news. Suddenly Jessica, who was recognised as having a “unique talent” (expressive face and quirky performances) by the Lord this week (who would know), is a contender. A year is plenty of time to put her through an intensive course on how to lead a cast.

On the whole, I was pretty disappointed with the week’s performances. The Calamity Jane / Oklahoma sing off I thought was messy, with none of the girls really standing out. Favourite of mine Jenny didn’t do as well as usual either, and they all seemed tired. Still, Stephanie has begun to emerge as more possible than before, with a slinky Bond theme performance. The right girl left again, also good, but had she given the performance of “I Know Him So Well” every week through the competition to date, you wonder if she’d have been standing there. Hopefully another person worth training has emerged from the searches for wartime nuns, Biblical orphans and Dickensian hookers.

Come to think of it, the Dickensian hookers were for “Oliver!” It’s just occurred to me that some member of a Fagin’s gang may have both the training and the interest to go pinching theatrical library books… means and motive for sure, I’d say…

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