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Right Girl On The Moon

April 21, 2010

“Over The Rainbow” week 3 – and after the aberration that was last week’s elimination, Dani rightly took the “rainbow ride.” Her time may come, but it isn’t now. Danielle was a surprise in the bottom two, but her performance was better on second viewing (the bit where they summarize the show), I thought, so immediacy was probably a reason. Of the rest, Emile, Sophie and Stephanie are still not doing it for me – “Moon River” in particular drowned, alas. Steph dazzled with “Out Here On My Own” and while Jessica was very animated, are her facial expressions and whole approach going to let her lead a large show? I’d love to see her on stage, but is now right?

Experience is everything. This week I was invited to “Mamma Mia” (perk of the job) and caught my favourite leading lady giving the performance of her life. With 22 years of professional experience, Linzi Hateley vividly demonstrated everything the young Dorothy contestants would need for a musical theatre career. At around the same age as the TV contenders, it was interesting to contrast Hateley’s skills with those of the actor playing her younger daughter. While competent (and demonstrating great future potential) there was visible proof that there really is nothing like years of learning as you work for a stage performer.

In other news; along with leading ladies, the Lord has other things to worry about. Westminster Council are not keen on his painting the front of the Adelphi Theatre black for “Love Never Dies.” I found this odd. For most of the 1980s and early 90s that front was obscured by a “Me and My Girl” animated poster. It was in terrible condition before that, and Lloyd Webber had it restored in 1993 for “Sunset Boulevard.” The frontage he painted over is thus less than 20 years old, so what exactly is historic to protect?

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