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Theatremonkey still watches Rainbow

April 13, 2010

The Lloyd Webber “tell”* was much in evidence this week. What is his “tell”? Well, as a keen student of the past three ‘star searches’ ( I would be, it doesn’t half help us small websites and book sellers, you know!) it is this: he’s always hardest on the performers he’d really like to cast.

This week, one of the J’s turned in a perfectly OK performance… and that was her problem. The ALW tell was in evidence as Jessica was told to improve. Tough love, but the right thing to do, I thought.

Big shock of the week was of course Bronte being sent over the rainbow for having an unusual name. What grace and professionalism she displayed when told, however. That’ll stand her in good stead for the future, I’ve no doubt. Like Lauren, I felt that no way did either deserve to be there, and it was almost impossible to pick one to have to go. Experience was as good a reason as any, but of course we all know Bronte will get there in the end.

Only other thought is still, “why so few show tunes when they are casting for a musical?” Possibly it’s because the average viewer doesn’t like show tunes – the only singer of one this week ended up in the bottom two despite delivering a difficult number to perfection. On the plus side, though, didn’t Danielle deliver this week, bouncing into my top five. And the second of my two fave J’s – Jenny – impressed again too.

Only question is, can I take the Saturday / Sunday night excitement much longer? Certainly the closest run contest yet, and really like the way the girls sarcastically thank ALW for doing it so neatly at the end of the show each Sunday!


* A poker term. It means any involuntary mannerism that inadvertently gives away your feeling about something.

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