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Voting Has Begun

April 7, 2010

This is shaping up to be the most interesting battle for a West End TV cast role yet. For me, it’s still the two J’s – Jessica and Jenny. My only worry with Jessica is whether she has the training to cope with being a West End leading lady – both the technique and the stamina required. Jenny has the training, and about the same level of watchability, but perhaps not quite the uninhibitedness that makes Jessica different. Either way, I’d be happy to see either of that pair win the role.

The two with the fewest votes also fascinated me. The public was, I thought, completely predictable in choosing the two performers whose age or ethnicity least matched some widely held “Dorothy” image. Steph was completely impressive both in performance and vocally, and could be a very charismatic Dorothy. Amy, fair enough, was probably just too ‘mature’ in every way for the role of a 15 year old girl. Good voice, though, and others were weaker on the night I felt.

Only other comments are that the judges seem refreshingly ego-free and knowledgeable this year, and the camper-than-a-row-of-tents exit for the loser is the funniest since “So Long, Fair Well” in the original “Maria” series. What happens, though, if they get a girl with a fear of heights and / or a “pedic perspiration” (read your Orwell) problem?! Roll on next week.

As for the other major voting contest, what does anyone do? It’s obvious that any vote must be for change… but the only way I can see to do that is to vote how I REALLY don’t want to. On the other hand, I think I’d hate the consequences of not doing so even more…

Oh, and as this blog pushes my book – a fifth great review on, and very nice push in a topic on favourite theatre books at (thank you!). Still good availability at Waterstone’s shops, less at Foyles in Charing Cross Road for the moment… so hurry if you are in that area.

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