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Theatremonkey gets The Oz Factor

March 30, 2010

Those Andrew Lloyd Webber casting shows are addictive, and “Over The Rainbow” (or “The Oz Factor” as Lord Orchestra Pit wanted to dub it) is no exception. As he observed, the standard this year is incredibly high, and I’m really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Most interesting, during Saturday’s contest to reduce 20 to 10 auditionees, I predicted correctly 8 out of the final 10. At this stage, Jessica was the stand-out for me, with Jenny also one to watch, I think. For the “Wild Card” I’d like to see Claire Harbourne get through, though Tegan and Emily are also possible… roll on Saturday – and more from me after the Easter Break (back, probably next Wednesday if chocolate O.D. doesn’t strike).

 In book news, good mentions for the monkey from, and also in Mark Shenton’s (writer of the theatremonkey book foreword) “The Stage” blog. Thanks to both!

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