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Theatremonkey apologises to Lloyd Webber

March 26, 2010

Both readers of this blog will recall that I castigated Lord Orchestra Pit for re-using a West End song in his £67.50 a ticket new show. Saw the show on Wednesday night. Sorry, m’lud. A case of right song, simple-yet-inspired staging and outstanding vocal performance. Stopped the show, and rightly. In fact, taken as a whole, this is a production worth seeing… and that’s from a confirmed member of the “can’t stand the original Phantom” club. There’s odd reduced price tickets flying around on some weekdays at the moment, and the odd dining offer – think about it.

Onward, and Lord OP unveils his new search for a musical leading lady tonight on BBC TV. Back in 2006, a desire simply to see “The Sound of Music” on stage (just to find out if it was as tooth-rotting as the film version – it isn’t, incidentally) lead me to book 50 superb stalls for the night after the press performance. Then came the TV show… and suddenly my group was delighted that it had. That show, and Joseph after it (though not, surprisingly, Oliver!), went on to crash the website the day after the final as readers sought tickets and information.

Whoever derides this type of contest as “free advertising” should consider that the entire London Theatre industry benefit from this injection of interest… so watch, vote… and book your trip over the Rainbow when they find a theatre to house it in.

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