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Theatremonkey gets surprises sometimes

March 19, 2010

Been a rather nice Friday, actually. First, something pleasant about the site at  Thanks, author Sarah Coles – really appreciated!

Then, a reader tells me that she received a copy of the theatremonkey book as a gift. Working in a book shop she had seen it, and had wanted to treat herself to it, but never got around to it when she had the money and the shop had the stock… So, she wanted to share with me her delight at being given it in the end.

Finally, the theatremonkey office is used to getting the odd unusual publicity item in the post. Books and CDs help fill my shelves and, together with tickets, really help keep the site going by providing material and ideas. Today, though, I was sent a signed poster for the new David Essex show “All The Fun Of The Fair.” As publicity goes, that has to be one of the coolest ways of doing it that I’ve ever come across. Thanks to those involved, and good luck with the show.

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