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Theatremonkey takes a Trip (or three)

March 16, 2010

First, the good news. Following a trip on Saturday I managed to persuade my local library to buy a copy for the borough. Luckily, the librarian is a keen theatre fan and actually wanted to read the book.

Following a trip yesterday, there’s a new batch of signed copies available in Dress Circle’s shop now. They’re either on the end of the counter just inside the door, or in a large display downstairs at the window end of the bookshelves in the basement.

 Also following a trip yesterday, I’m typing this with a bruised shoulder. An “’elf’n’safety” article caught my eye a while ago and guilt tripped me into replacing those comfy but worn slippers with a grippy soled new pair. Guess what… too much grip on a thick stair carpet is also dangerous. The Health and Safety Inspectorate should know that I am now considering my legal options…

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