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Monkey Book For Mother’s Day

March 12, 2010

Look, it’s another chance for me to push the thing, OK? I’ll be suggesting it as an Easter Gift too (less fattening than chocolate eggs, less cholesterol than ordinary ones) and of course it is suitable for all birthdays, weddings, engagements and bar mitzvahs in between. As always, do remember to buy one for the person, and one for yourself of course.

It isn’t all commerce though. In fact, the book has just helped raise several hundred pounds for charity. Outside of work I have a group of keen theatregoing friends on whom I experiment occasionally by cramming them onto a coach bound for the West End. This, incidentally, was how much of the “group organiser” advice was researched. Planning our next trip, I promised them signed copies in return for donations. Combined with an extra donation per ticket (acceptable as I got a particularly amazing rate on the seats I bought), it was pretty successful.

For others who’d also liked signed copies, Mr P passed a plea to me from Dress Circle for extra signed stock. That’ll be with them just after the weekend, so feel free to support this amazing retailer.

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