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Theatremonkey Book Never Dies

March 9, 2010

Although I knew that the book would be reviewed on the back pages of Really Useful Group and Nimax Theatres programmes for the first two months of the year, it was a very strange sensation to actually see it in the pages of the first programme for “Love Never Dies” (the new Andrew Lloyd Webber sequel to “Phantom of the Opera,” for troglodytes). Me, Mr P and Andrew Lloyd Webber in the same printed publication… Surreal really is the word.

In other news, and at the risk of promoting another person’s book, the competition to win a copy of “The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi” has been a roaring success. Whether it proves theatremonkey readers are true readers, or just hopeful of winning something to sell on Ebay I don’t know – but I really hope it is the former.

Finally, isn’t it irritating when you get a folded batch of tickets, and find them folded the wrong way?! 50 arrived for me today, and had to be untangled. On the bright side, at least I got only my own tickets this time. In the past, I’ve been sent multiple parties ones… and have sometimes been tempted…

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