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More Theatremonkey Publicity

March 2, 2010

Journalistic coverage seems to be rather like buses. Nothing for ages, then two come at once! Anyway, this weekend the website (of which the book is of course, the offspring) managed two mentions. The first in “The Observer” newspaper  sees John Hind note it as a great source of discounts. The second, rather interestingly, in a piece by novelist Norman Lebrecht on the future of arts criticism. A genuinely absorbing article, I’m rather proud to be noticed. Speaking of reviewers, Mr Mark Shenton (writer of the foreword to my book) elicits a monkey mention from a reader in one of his blog articles too.

In other news, more technology fun as the company who keep the theatremonkey website online have just been taken over. This means the site will be intermittently offline tonight, from 10pm, until 6am tomorrow, as they shift things to the new company’s way of thinking. At least I’m not involved on that one.

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