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Well, at least the book is doing OK

February 26, 2010

It’s in both Foyles Royal Festival Hall and the National Theatre bookshop on the South Bank now, and another reader has given it a very kind review indeed on in the last 24 hours.

A discussion about West End theatre seating in the Independent newspaper also lead to a Mark Shenton “The Stage” blog on the subject too, in which a kind reader also gives theatremonkey a mention… so all in all it’d be fine… if it wasn’t for the European Union.

Yes, thanks to their “Microsoft Must Tell Everybody that they Have A Choice” policy, I wasted a very valuable working hour this morning. To elaborate: The EU made Microsoft create “critical download” number KB976002. KB976002 PROBLEM. BIG PROBLEM.  I got it, and found that on switching on this morning, it produced a large announcement offering many different browsers. Happy with Internet Explorer 8, and not wishing to hit any “install” buttons it offered, I told the announcement to “Remind Me Later” to make it go away. A few minutes later I found myself unable to browse any websites due to “possible Firewall problems – Check ports.”

As ever, my monthly £17.50 for technical help insurance proved invaluable as my friendly local expert spent 40 minutes testing every bit of my machine. Having found nothing wrong (he could even access my machine remotely, so the connections were there) we re-booted… and the EU mandated browser announcement appeared again. This time, the tech himself chose to “install IE8.” Guess what? It gave us a web page saying that “you already have this and don’t need to download it.” Then… and this caused an explosion from both of us… of course, my old and trusty Internet Explorer began working as it always does – perfectly!

Thanks, European ****** Union…. For NOTHING whatsoever. On the plus side, though, at least I know my machine is healthy…

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