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Tips in print do work.

February 23, 2010

And not just those in my book. Had a bout of hiccups at the weekend, and suddenly remembered (mid-hic) that I’d read somewhere that a teaspoonful of peanut butter would cure it.

Having located the jar (incidentally marked “may contain nuts” – irony is not dead, though comedy has just hurled itself out of a window*) and scooped out a teaspoonful, I tried it. It worked. Apparently the act of having to lick the stuff off the roof of your mouth is the cure; that does funny things to your breathing, thus correcting the problem. Come to think of it, so would anaphylactic shock**, so those with a nut allergy (fewer than you’d think, according to a recently published survey) will probably have to stick to traditional methods like keys or shock / working for Gordon.

Also in the spirit of adventure, a book purchaser in Florida emailed me to say that she wished that her copy had been signed. With inventive use of a scanner at my end and a printer at hers, with two sheets of paper in between, a transatlantic signing was achieved. Come to think of it, a scanner, printer and two sheets of paper may also cure hiccups. Answers by fax, please.


* A ground floor window of course – this is ‘comedy,’ remember, so no hurt is permanent.

** like I said, ‘comedy without pain.’

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