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Professional and Ordinary Views

February 19, 2010

Was delighted today that one reader emailed to thank me for putting their name in the ’credits’ at the back of the book. Truthfully, as that page says, I couldn’t have done it without every single person listed there. Tying neatly into what I wrote on Tuesday – the opinions of ordinary theatregoers are what the site and book are all about; thank goodness they are willing to share.

The “Professional” bit of today’s rambling comes from the new attempt to “cast by television” a Dorothy for “The Wizard Of Oz.” While Andrew Lloyd Webber and Graham Norton remain, both John Barrowman and Denise Van Outen will be judging. The replacements are OK… but I do query the choice of Charlotte Church.

While an extremely experienced concert performer, unlike the other two she is replacing, she’s never done a run in a West End musical. Just as ticket-buyers see seats differently to invited guests, will this mean a new perspective in casting?

Oh, and as an aside, I picked up Ms Church’s autobiography for £1 in “Poundland” last week… and it’s actually very readable.

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